July 11, 2008

Good-bye Estes Park

Our week at the YMCA in Estes Park came to an end with new friends.

We heard Shane Claiborne speak and bought his books to read.

Grandpa and Grandma came up the mountain to visit us.

The Los Angeles group boarded the shuttle that took them to the Greyhound station and then they had a 22 hour bus trip back to LA. We started packing up our van for the beginning of our trip back home.

Matthew returned from his overnight camp out under the stars (no tent - just the ground and the stars) and as you can see he was TIRED!

We went into town for lunch and we saw an elk in the parking lot!

We saw the continental divide, but as you can see our kids slept right through it. They had LOTS of lost sleep to catch up on.

The mountains were beautiful and we even saw a moose (all the kids woke up for the moose).