August 28, 2006

It's off to Music Camp for the week!

David, Angelica and Jennifer are at band camp for the week - the whole high school music program goes to the mountains for a sleep-away music camp (chorus, orchestra, color guard and marching band). This is David's 2nd year and the girls' first.
Angelica's alto sax section left this special note on our front porch VERY early in the morning
and they also left a couple of little extra greetings! = - )
Here the kids are with Melissa and Matthew at church just before leaving for band camp.

Youth Sunday at Church!

It was Youth Sunday at church this weekend... the youth worship band led worship...
our youth pastor, Kenny, preached...
it was a GREAT service! = - )

August 27, 2006

Mexico/US border pictures!

This year our border experience was a little different than usual - the lines were as long as they always are and our wait was the normal 3 hours, but this year we witnessed our first illegal border crossing!
I took these pictures while we were in our van waiting in the long line - the guy at the top just jumped on the fence and began helping a whole family jump the border!
We just sat in our van and watched the whole thing - only took about 30 seconds.
We heard that they were caught right away on the other side. Never thought we'd see this in the middle of the day and right down the street from the border crossing.

August 26, 2006

Ensenada Mexico mission trip 2006!

Beautiful children...
duck, duck, goose...
bug eyed Matthew...
a group shot...
and a free day at La Bufadora. We had a great week in Mexico and God blessed everyone with new friends and the joy of shared ministry.

August 12, 2006

Summer fun

What's summer without another day at the beach with friends and family?
Matthew created a "sandball" sculpture.
A group shot - our family, high school friends and the East family from Washington.
A beautiful sunset.
A bonfire to end the day.