September 12, 2006

Ground Zero pictures from our July visit

Back in July of this year we visited Ground Zero and it was a very sobering experience - we took many pictures as we walked around the entire footprint of the World Trade Centers. Here are a few of the pictures from that day.

September 11, 2006

band, boy scouts and birthdays...

Many hours have been spent on the football field practicing for the fall field show - it's been hard work, and I keep telling our freshmen girls that it will get easier!
Matthew is glad to be back in cub scouts after a short summer break.
We celebrated Doug's 46th birthday (9/9) and Uncle Phillip's 31st belated birthday (8/16) with a combined celebration. The cake looked like a girls' cake because Matthew wanted to use the confetti sprinkles we won in a silent auction a few months ago. = - )

First Day of School! = - )

9/5/06 - The 1st day of high school - Jennifer and Angelica are freshmen and David's a sophomore.
9/6/06 - The next day Matthew began his 3rd grade year!
He has a great teacher and is having a wonderful time being a more responsible 3rd grader.