July 31, 2009

Learning to drive!

Both Angelica and Jennifer are learning to drive! = - )

July 25, 2009

Child SHARE Picnic

All the kids got these cute teddy bears! You might notice you won't see David (he is enjoying his last summer before college and spending LOTS of time with friends - no time for a picnic with family).
We played a "musical chair" game with hula hoops.
The petting zoo was very popular and the bald rat was cute!
Another cute pet and a dancing contest where Doug "danced" and Matthew didn't.
Water balloon catching contest - Angelica and Matthew had a balloon that broke early on in the contest, but Doug and Jennifer kept catching till almost the end.
Before and after the balloon break!

July 07, 2009

Mark Burnett Hollywood Star Ceremony

We went to the Hollywood Star ceremony for Mark Burnett (creator/producer of Survivor). His star was placed in front of a survival store on Hollywood Blvd. = - )
That's the star cover for the star and all the photographers.
Mark spoke and shared his story of growing up poor in London and then coming to the US.
Jeffrey Katzenberg spoke and then it was time to lift the fake star cover to reveal the real star.
Roma Downing is Mark's wife (she's from Touched by an Angel - one of the angels).
The Burnett family and another angel, Della Reese.
There it is!

July 05, 2009

Church Picnic

Cotton candy and Kogi taco truck lines.
Tacos and a bounce house filled with water!
Matthew had fun!
Terry got very wet! It was a fun picnic!

July 04, 2009

Happy 233rd Birthday America and Happy 81st Birthday to Dad!

A fun 4th of July picnic and birthday celebration!
A firecracker flag cake and lots of smoke!
Birthday presents for an 81 year old and sparklers.
Sparkler fun!