March 31, 2008

Preview Days at Southeastern University

6:00 a.m. and on our way to Lakeland, Florida for Preview Days. We were even given cereal for breakfast - the only "meal" on all 4 flights.
We did see "Enchanted" on the flight to Houston, TX.
In the Houston airport we saw the lovely memorial to the first George Bush president. From Houston we flew to Tampa, FL.
We landed in Tampa at sunset and drove to Lakeland that night. The next morning we took a picture of the "welcome to Lakeland" sign and headed over to Southeastern University! = - )
Southeastern is #1 - Kathy graduated from SEU in 1986 and now David visits to see if Southeastern is the school for him in the fall of 2009 (he still has one more year of high school).
Almost the whole campus has been remodeled and upgraded since Kathy was there in the early 80's. It's a beautiful campus in the middle of the state and this fountain is now the center piece of the campus (Jesus washing the feet of one of the disciples). Servant leadership is the school theme.
This is the campus chapel - everyone meets here 3 times a week to come together as a community and worship the Lord.
This is the corner room I shared with friends during my first 2 years at Southeastern - it is now located right next to the campus restaurant/cafeteria. SO many changes - all of them very good! David LOVED his visit and definitely plans to attend Southeastern in 2009. = - ) Doug is planning to bring Angelica and Jennifer for preview days next spring.
After 2 sun-filled and fun days in Florida we headed back to Tampa and had our first traffic jam. We also started our flight back to Houston at sunset.
This time we were on a larger plane that had individual monitors at each seat.
David watched "August Rush" and Kathy watched "Becoming Jane" - sadly we landed just before the movies finished. You should have heard the groans all over the plane when the movies ended...
We had another short layover in Houston and then flew into Orange County at 10:30 p.m.
It was a great trip and a fun mother/son bonding experience. The whole family came to pick us up after youth group, cub scouts and a church board meeting (Friday nights are busy at our church). We celebrated by getting frozen yogurt at YogurtLand in Irvine. (Matthew is in the picture, but behind David's head).
Here is a picture of Matthew eating his yogurt and a picture of Jennifer with NO BRACES! = - )

March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter morning church service...
an Easter Tree play by the kids....
an egg hunt on the lawn (it was in the 90's!)
a Bible Study easter lunch and a family picture (last one with Jennifer in braces).
a fun game of "Apples to Apples" after lunch...
Kathy with her winning cards and Tim felt "neglected" because he didn't get any cards. = - (

March 18, 2008

Our Week In Pictures

Doug and his parents went to Deal or No Deal back in December and it was on tv last night - that's them on the top row (Doug is missing his head) and then a blurry close up of Chuck and Arlene.
Another tv update - guess where Jennifer and Kathy will be tonight!? Yep, we have tickets to tonights show (Jennifer screamed like crazy when she saw the email!!!)
Angelica ran the mile at last weeks track meet.
Her time was 6 minutes and 3 seconds! = - )
It hailed at our house on Saturday!
Hail doesn't happen that often in the LA area so it was exciting around our house for a few minutes. = - )
David went to Sadie Hawkins with his date - they were gingerbread men ( the dance was a fairy tale theme). Warning - post below is gross....
Sorry, this is gross, but some of you will enjoy this. Remember the "slammed in the door" finger injury that David received last month? Well, yesterday the rotten fingernail finally came off and it was GROSS!
Here is the final picture and a little souvenir. David had a great time at school yesterday grossing out all his friends. = - )