May 28, 2007

Prom 2007

David and his friend Angela went to the prom together this weekend. Angela is a junior and that's how David, a sophomore, was able to go.
Limo fun!
David's first prom was a huge hit!

The Wizards of Waverly Place

The Wizards of Waverly Place is a new Disney sitcom in production - we've gone to several tapings this spring.
Some pictures of the set - Waverly Sub Station and the kitchen.
David Henrie is part of the cast and we've also been able to get several scrips signed after the taping.
Autograph time and a pic with Selena Gomez.
More pics with the stars - Jake T. Austin and David Henrie.
The dad in the show is David DeLuise and the shows writer is Todd Greenwald.

Wrecked car update = - )

Our poor car had a minor fender bender that didn't look so minor, but now it's as good as new!
It was great to return the rental car, pick up the repaired car and only have to pay $500 for the whole thing - thank God for insurance!

25th College Reunion

Doug attended his college reunion (#25) in Ottawa, Kansas.
He had a fun time reconnecting with former classmates.

May 24, 2007

American Idol Finale Fun!

Jennifer and I were able to go to the American Idol finale show on Tuesday (for free) and then went to the outdoor picture taking opportunity on Wednesday night after the winner was announced.
I took one picture during the show (had to be very secretive and not use a flash) and then after the show we went down to the front and touched the judges' table! = - )
It was a great show and then Jennifer even met Paula!
This is the outdoor autograph/picture taking area at Hollywood & Highland where the Kodak Theatre is located. We even met Ashely Ferl (aka "The Crying Girl") and hung out with her for a few hours.
Here are a few pics from after the finale show - we were SOOOO happy that Jordin won!
Yay, Jordin!

May 12, 2007

We found a new home!

We finally found our new home and we'll be moving during Labor Day weekend. Same schools, just a new neighborhood. We'll also have more room - both inside and outside. The 1st picture shows the front yard and the 2nd picture is a portion of our backyard. I'll post pictures of the inside after we move on September 1st!

We finally used our car insurance. = - (

After 20 years of car insurance payments we're finally using the insurance! Thankfully Doug's minor fender bender was free of injury for both parties and we get a rental car for 30 days - after the $500 deductible. We're hoping that our car can be repaired because we really don't want a car payment!
*UPDATE: the car can be fixed and should be ready in 10 days - PTL!