April 28, 2008

Fire Update

This is what the mountains look like close to our home. We don't live in the foothills and we aren't near the fire area, but we can see the flames, smell the smoke and dust off the ashes. Matthew has asthma and needed a breathing treatment this morning. The fires should be contained within the next few days. Thankfully no homes have been damaged.

April 22, 2008

A Plumm Summer Premiere

Last weekend we were invited to an official (free) Hollywood Premiere and After Party! It was for a family movie called, "A Plumm Summer" - a true story about a stolen puppet. It was a very good family movie.
We arrived just in time for the red carpet arrivals and it was fun to be with all the cast and crew. One of the main characters is played by Brenda Strong (narrator in Desperate Housewives).
We could have all the free popcorn and coke that we wanted - sweet! = - )
Before the movie we took pictures and collected autographs. Brenda Strong with Angelica and Jennifer and Matthew met his author hero, Henry Winkler. Mr. Winkler signed his book for Matthew (he's written a whole series and Matthew loves them). Henry plays Happy Herb in the movie.
Billy Baldwin plays the dad in the movie - doesn't he look like a true star?
Happy Herb is the true character that the movie is about with his frog, Froggy Doo and Jennifer with one of the young stars in the movie, Morgan Flynn.
One of the many movie posters and our ticket! = - )
It was finally time for the movie! The one thing that is cool about premieres is that during the beginning of the movie everyone claps when the names appear in the credits because those people are actually in the theatre watching the movie, too. Fun!
When the movie let out we grabbed a few more pics and autographs. The guy with Angelica is Ben Trotter and this was his first movie - he was shocked that they wanted pictures with him - he asked if we were sure?? The woman in green plays the mother in the movie and her name is Lisa Guerrero.
We then headed over to the "After Party" at the Napa Valley Grille - that was really fun because we were able to hob nob with the rich and famous... and the food was free! = - )
Peter Scolari (Honey I Shrunk the Kids) and Rick Overton play the very funny FBI agents. When you see the movie make sure to wait till the very end of the credits for a FBI agent update at the end of the movie.
Owen Pearce is the very cute kid in the movie and Jennifer took a picture with this guy because everyone was wowed by him - we had no clue who he was at the time, but later found out he is Tommy Thayer the lead guitarist from KISS. = - )
Doug and I usually don't get too excited about the celebrities, but we had to take a picture with "The Fonz." = - ) It was a fun afternoon and hopefully we can go to another premiere.

April 07, 2008

Our Cat Has Issues

Our cat seriously has issues! Tigger likes to climb up on our roof, but guess what...he can't get down. Each time he does this Matthew usually comes to his rescue sometime during the day because his meowing is so annoying.
Well, this time we decided to wait him out and make him figure out his own way down. Guess how long we lasted? Three days and nights! Tigger basically lived on our roof for 3 whole days with no water or food. = - (
During the middle of the 2nd night he started cat howling and we tried to get him down at 2:00 am (hope we didn't wake the neighbors).
David almost had him, but Tigger was afraid of the edge and fought back.
Finally Angelica and I rescued him. Angelica grabbed him on the top of his neck and held on for dear life until she was able to throw him off the roof! Tigger landed on his feet, walked away in a huff, turned around and started purring and then happily jumped in our arms for some love and attention. He also enjoyed his first meal of cat food and water. Thankfully, he hasn't gone back on the roof since.

A Spring Concert, Basketball Award and a Sick Van

It's Spring and that means concert season.
The three of us are always part of the adoring audience (except, Matthew isn't always adoring when he's bored).
Matthew, and his team, received their basketball awards a few nights ago. He was very proud and so were we.
Our loyal and over-worked van is having engine problems. We hope to be able to replace the engine with a less used engine and get a few more years of life from our old girl. = - (