November 28, 2006

The Hollywood Christmas Parade

It's not the Macy's parade, but we did have Larry and the High School Musical kids!
We also had great weather and Santa.

Jennifer's 14th Birthday!

Yes, another Hubbard birthday celebration in November! This time it was for Jennifer and she's now 14!
The ice cream cake was delicious and Jennifer appreciated the "High School Musical" sign wishing her a happy 14th birthday. = - )

November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a very nice thanksgiving dinner and hope that you and your family also enjoyed the day together. This is our pumpkin on Thanksgiving morning...
a few hours later it was in a pie shell, baked in the oven and came out a very delicious pumkin pie made from scratch! = - )

November 24, 2006

Happy 9th Birthday, Matthew!

Our "little" boy is 9 years old! We had a wonderful birthday celebration and Matthew especially appreciated the special "guests" (his small men and toys came with their own forks and spoons). = - )

Arcadia Festival of Bands

The day began bright and early with the parade competition and then ended late that night with the field show competition - our high school hosts this event, so our band can kind of relax and have fun since they aren't officially judged.
It's a fun annual event and since this was the first year that Angelica (and Jennifer) marched we invited Angelica's birth parents to come see the show with us - they were impressed!

November 23, 2006

San Francisco Band Trip

Our whole family went to San Francisco for the Nov. 10-12 weekend - the teenagers had a band competition (they won 1st place!) and we drove up with Matthew. We explored Pier 39 and drove down Lombard St. while the band practiced.
A bird pooped on Doug's head - very funny! Later that night the band competed and did a great job - it was VERY cold!

November 04, 2006

Costume Night at the Football Game

Last night was "costume night" for the half-time show. It's a fun night because the kids can be creative, not have to deal with uniforms and friends/family can actually find them in the sea of band members.
David dressed up as Mr. Landis (the band director).
Angelica, Jennifer and friends were the "Black Eyed P's."
David and Mr. Landis, Angelica and a friend and a pic from last year when David dressed like a girl (don't you think he makes a pretty girl?) = - )

November 03, 2006

Mt. Carmel Band Competition

It was a great competition in San Diego where the band came home with an overall 2nd place and a few 1st place rankings, too.

November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We began the day with Matthew and his 2nd place, moldy pumpkin (the mold was accidental, but brought a bit of grossness to the entry). Then David headed off to high school as an "emo" boy. Yes, he did get the attention he wanted and thankfully he is back to normal.
While David was at a party the rest of the Hubbard kids' dressed up for trick-or-treating and passing out the candy (we had over 150 visitors). Jennifer was an old man, Angelica was an army ranger, Matthew was Superman with muscles, Kathy and Doug dressed as traditional parents.
Here's a pic of Matthew with his loot!