July 23, 2007

Vacation Update #23 - Home Sweet Home!

David happily went to the midnight book release for Harry Potter and I decided to get a haircut while we were still in Denver.
We began the final part of our journey and drove into the desert.
Our final vacation meal was brunch (the only meal of the day) at Carnival World Buffet in Vegas - it's the best buffet! We even found coupons on ebay.
It was a delicious meal!
Then we joined all the other travelers and headed back to our home in LA.
It was HOT in the desert -108 degrees! When we arrived home we dropped David off so he could be reunited with his friends - they were VERY happy to see each other!!!
The rest of us picked up some boba milk tea for "dinner" and then drove the rest of the way to our home. It's great to be home!
We were greeted by Tigger who had some sort of insect bite/cat fight injury (we're not sure) that was obviously VERY swollen!! Thankfully it POPPED today and he's feeling much better.
All Toby cared about was eating.

July 20, 2007

Vacation Update # 22 - Denver, Colorado

After we left Wichita we made a stop in Hays, KS to eat lunch at Sonic and...
to meet Lauren's fiance, Josh! We gave him a "thumbs up" and look forward to the wedding next June! = - )
A few hours later we arrived at the Hubbard home in Denver - just in time to drop off Angelica and Jennifer at the Coors Amphitheatre so they could attend the "long planned for and very much looking forward to" concert with Aly/AJ, Corbin, Drake, etc....
They had great seats and were able to take amazing pictures! Then, the next day we headed over to the Northfield Mall where Corbin and Drake were part of a meet and greet.
Up close and personal with Drake, Corbin and Corbin's dad. It was a fun afternoon in Denver and tomorrow we head home via Las Vegas and the "World Carnival Buffet" - yum!

July 18, 2007

Vacation Update # 21 - Wichita, Kansas

We have safely arrived in Wichita, Kansas and at the Hubbard home.

Hanging with cousins and a tired Uncle Mark.

We were even able to hang out with Rudy (the cute little doggy that Lindsay was pet sitting). Rudy liked to give wet doggy kisses!

We saw a commercial for "The Next Best Thing" and saw ourselves on TV.

A fun time was spent in the pool!

Matthew completed several back flips.

Our nieces are growing up and here they are with their men!
Grandpa and Grandma and Auntie Annie came over for a visit.
Matthew made a new friend, Adam, and they had fun playing a retro nintendo system.

Vacation Update # 20 - Tulsa, OK

We made our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma so that we could have a long overdue reunion with our good friend, Laurie. The three of us served together in ministry at the Grand Canyon 21 summers ago.
Laurie was there when it all began 21 years ago - she even brought along some pics from back then (awww young love) and short shorts (Doug was taking an outdoor shower while our friend Karen helped him rinse)!
We had a fun lunch together at a 50's diner and then Laurie gave the kids some Oklahoma shaped chocolate. Yum.
Since we were in Tulsa we HAD to visit Oral Roberts University.