September 25, 2007

Before and After

Before: Our bed without a headboard.
After: our $50 headboard and so much more! We just bought this headboard, footboard, end tables, lamps, pillows, sheets and bed sets for $50! Yes, only $50 for ALL of it. We feel like we're sleeping on a hotel bed! = - )
Before: Angelica and Jennifer's room quickly unpacked after move.
After: A little rearranging and the room feels more like home! = - )

September 20, 2007

Romeo, Juliet and Football

Leaving for their "first marching with uniforms" performance. The football game was a good one and we won!
Cheerleaders and the 3 of us in the stands watching the game and waiting for the half-time show.
There they are and I need a wide angle lens because the band is SO BIG (400+).
Here is a 2 minute video of the first part of the Romeo and Juliet half-time show. They did an awesome job and it's amazing to think that they have only been working on this show for 3 weeks!

September 18, 2007

All Moved In! = - )

The front of our new home and the kitchen.
Kitchen and livingroom.
Dining room.
Livingroom and our bedroom.
Angelica and Jennifer's bedroom.
David and Matthew (they don't have to share anymore - David still needs to get posters for his room).
Our BIG backyard!
We even have a basketball court!
And a pool.

Our Crazy Cats

Our new backyard is a VERY scary place - for our 2 sheltered kitty cats!
I do my very best to put them outside a few times a day and all they do is beg to come back inside.
Tigger has even tried clawing his way back into the house - it worked because it was SO annoying! Toby just meows.

Here is a short video clip to show you how crazy our cat is (what is even more amazing is the fact that this is the same cat who LOVED being outside at our other house and begged to be let out all the time)!

September 10, 2007

Marching Band, Doug's birthday and Sunday School.

Friday night football games/marching band performances are under way now. The band prepares to enter the field, I only took video of their "Romeo and Juliet" performance in their band shirt and blue jeans and then the team went on to win the game.
Doug's birthday was the 1st bday party at our new house - a look back to the year of his birth and a creatively decorated birthday gift.
The gift was a record player! Now Doug can listen to all his old records! Then it was time for homemade carrot cake.
Yes, the record player works and Doug enjoyed his trip down memory lane. = - )
Sunday was also the beginning of a new Sunday School year at church. Here is a picture of my preschool class - so cute!

September 07, 2007

Matthew is a 4th grader!

Matthew started school on Wednesday, Sept. 5th and he's now a 4th grader! He loves his teacher, Mr. Harvey, and his new agenda book. The 3 teenagers went back to school the day before Matthew, but there are no pictures because that would be completely unacceptable! = - ( David is an 11th grader now, Angelica and Jennifer are in 10th grade.

Our Move Is Complete

The BIG move occurred on the hottest weekend of the summer and happened in several phases. Phase 1: Starving Students helped us move the big, heavy stuff...
phase 2: the teenage friends came over and helped us with the smaller stuff (really wasn't that small though).
They really made a huge difference - we'd probably still be moving if they didn't help out!
While we were moving, Matthew stayed cool in our pool. The temp on the concrete around the pool was 131 degrees! It was HOT!
Cameron and David tried to stay cool with their make shift sweat collectors (paper towels and packing tape). By the end of the day the sun had finally gone down and we were almost finished moving for the night.
A group picture of our teenage movers and our new home sweet home!
The next day, while we were still knee deep in boxes, we hosted an end of summer party for David and his friends. They swam in our new pool and played Texas Hold 'Em. It was a very LONG weekend of moving and we still haven't unpacked all the boxes, but we're getting there.