July 12, 2008

Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah...here we come! We camped for 2 nights at Bryce.
We had an awesome campsite - close to the restrooms, water and lots of space.
Another stamp in the passport books.
We hiked the Navajo Loop Trail again (same as 6 years ago) - just as amazing.
Going down is a piece of cake.
You just keeping going down, down, down.
At the bottom you feel SO small!
Along the way we noticed that hikers have created a little "Hoodoo Memorial" beside the trail and Matthew created his own hoodoo.
This is the Wall Street area with 2 trees reaching up to the rim of the canyon.
There were nice shady spots to rest in as we began our hike back up. This little ground squirrel kept begging for food, but we didn't give it any - that's a big no-no.
Going back up was fun - NOT! It was hot and a LONG WAY UP! At the top we treated the kids (and us) to lunch at the Lodge Dining Room.
We made sure to visit the Lodge a few times for our traditional game of Phase 10.
Doug won and Matthew lost a tooth.