June 30, 2008

Traveling to Denver, Colorado

Our journey to Denver began early Monday morning. Grandpa and Grandma traveled with us and the girls were able to join them in their car.
A rest area stop somewhere in Kansas and the big, beautiful sky of Colorado.
Finally the city of Denver and a picture of Grandpa and Grandma in front of their new condo.
Our first dinner together in the new condo.
A livingroom full of sleeping children and a look at the old house on Winona Way (the new owners have neglected the lawn). = - (

June 29, 2008

Josh and Lauren's Wedding

June 28, 2008 - a beautiful day for a Wichita wedding.

Jennifer was the guest book attendant and Angelica passed out the wedding programs.

Waiting for Lauren.
A walk down the aisle and the wedding vows.
It was a beautiful wedding!
David was an usher and Matthew was the "bubble boy."
Look at all those bubbles and the very happy couple. Congrats to Josh and Lauren!
A toast from Dad (Doug's brother) and time to cut the cake.
The flower girl caught the bouquet and David caught the garter (but, sadly my camera battery died and there is no "catching the garter" picture).
Baby Madison was very popular at the reception - she's so adorable.
The next day Josh and Lauren came over to the house to open presents.
While they were opening presents the kids decorated their car!

June 26, 2008

Kansas Here We Come!

Driving to Kansas took us through Texas and OKlahoma.
We drove through Greensburg, KS where a huge tornado struck in May 2007.
We then visited Dorthy's House in Liberal, Kansas.
Dorothy gave us a tour.
It was an interesting tour - very scripted and a little hokey.
We discovered unleaded plus gas that was cheaper than regular unleaded.
We safely arrived at the Hubbard home in Wichita (house on left) and stayed in the house on the right (family was in Europe and let us borrow their home). = - )
David decided to get a haircut - he looks like a new David! A much better look for an usher in a wedding. = - )