December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve 2007

We had a mini reunion on New Year's eve day with our good friends Mommie Jane and Gerald. Gerald is a friend from way back in Doug's early youth ministry days and they both met Jane at a youth ministry event in the late 80's. The weather was great today so we also enjoyed a bbq lunch with everyone.
Mommie Jane with Matthew and Thomas (Gerald's son) in 1999 and today. So cute.
Time for lunch.
Time for basketball.
Time for girl fun and wii fun for the boys.
Gerald, Jennifer and their 4 kids and then a group shot of everyone.
The Hubbard crew later made our way to Colorado Blvd. to drive the parade route. We made several trips to the porta potties because the teenagers have been instructed to drink LOTS of water in preparation of the big day tomorrow.
We stopped at Pinkberry for a most delicious yogurt dinner.
We drove the parade route to see all the people who will be spending the night out under the stars and have front row seats.
People throw marshmellows at cars and we were hit several times and then Matthew showed us what he can do with his lips! = - )
When we came home we made sure we have all the uniforms parts ready for tomorrow.
Go Arcadia!

Hubbard Kid Locator Map

Click on the picture for a closer look at the map I created - hopefully it will give you a better idea where our kids will be while they march in the parade tomorrow. Remember, they are the LAST band in the parade and will not be on tv till the end of the parade. Thanks for watching and happy new year! = - )

Float Decorating 101

We visited Expo Village to get an up close view of the float creation process.
There are 4 different float warehouses you can visit, but don't touch the flowers!
It was so beautiful and fragrant in the float warehouses.
The creation process is amazing - the work is SO DETAILED and NO paint is used - all the colors you see on every single float are created with flowers, seeds and any other kind of natural material created by God.
Here are a few pics from the Sesame Street float.
Another amazing float.
And yet another.
The other pavillion that we visited had a catwalk view of the creation process.
Seeing the floats up close makes you appreciate them even more on New Years Day.