July 09, 2008

More Fun at "More Than A Week"

This is the group shot from this weeks conference (all 1500).
While the teenagers are at "More than a Week" Matthew is at his own day camp here at the YMCA. They went hiking in Rocky Mtn. National Park a couple of days ago and were in the area when 4 people were struck by lightning (Matthew saw the burned feet as they put them in the ambulance). Matthew's group did have to hide in a cave during a hail storm!
Each evening we all gather together for "More than Worship."
David was on stage during the worship time a few days ago.
Stellar Kart did a concert at the conference.
Lots of time for friends and water (everyone received a water bottle) it is very dry here and it's easy to get sick if you don't drink enough water.
I have been in charge of the bookstore this week. I started with a lot of books in boxes and an empty room.
And ended with a bookstore. God has given us all a great week! = - )