April 26, 2007

Apprentice Finale and Idol Extra!

We went to Idol Extra last night. We were able to watch the live east coast feed of the show and then we were able to meet all 6 contestants! Usually we'd only see the one who was voted out, but since no one was voted out we saw all 6! Sanjaya was also at the show!
On Sunday we went to the Appretice Finale at the Hollywood Bowl. We all had separate seats because they wanted all the seats filled and guess where Doug ended up sitting? Right in the middle of James' family! = - ) If you look very carefully you can see him on the left side of the sign just getting ready to sit down. It also started raining during the last 10 minutes of the show - you can see all the plastic and umbrellas!

April 24, 2007

April 19, 2007

It's Volleyball Season!

David made the JV team this year and so far they have an awesome record.
Look at that hair fly...and a high five from the coach.
Professional team pics coming soon...

April 09, 2007

Easter Celebration 2007

We had an amazing Easter Celebration with the children at church - worship,
the children performed an Easter play about what happened on Easter morning and
we even had an empty tomb for all to walk thru.
As the children came out of the tomb they were given a rock with a cross on it that was wrapped in linen to remind them about the resurrection.
The celebration ended with a traditional easter egg hunt.
The youth group helped serve the refreshments and the kids began eating their candy.
We ended the day with a traditional family picture for Easter.

April 04, 2007

Griffith Observatory

Our kids have spring break this week so we decided to head off to Hollywood for a day of fun. We spent a few hours at the newly renovated Griffith Observatory.
Matthew held a one million year old meteorite.
The kids and adults in our group posed with the Albert Einstein statue.
Matthew lost a tooth - it's been loose for a few weeks and he finally pulled it out just before we boarded the shuttle back to the parking lot. (Sadly, the tooth fairy forgot to visit last night and since Matthew knows the real story he got his own quarter out of the change cup). = - (

Halle Berry Gets A Star!

We accidentally stumbled upon Halle Berry's star ceremony while we were in Hollywood yesterday. Look at all the media, red carpet and the temporary star covering BEFORE the ceremony began.
Samuel L. Jackson was there to celebrate the day and as you can see...lots of other people, too.
There were WAY too many speeches...
Halle gave a very moving "acceptance" speech.
And finally, after about an hour, the star was finally revealed!