May 24, 2008

Dodger Game - Rain and Fireworks

Doug organized an ABCLA night at Dodger Stadium and we had 425 buy tickets. It was a sold out game and unseasonably wet and cold. (our 3 teenagers were on their way to the mountains for a church youth retreat).
See the cloudy skies? The first 8 innings were cold and dry and then the clouds opened up.
Our seats were protected from most of the rain, but the field had to be covered and the game delayed.
Some devoted Dodger fans stayed in their very wet seats, but most moved up to our area or left early.
Matthew obviously enjoyed the rain, thankfully they were able to finish the game (Dodgers lost 2-1) and the fireworks were still a go!
The fireworks were awesome!
Out of 425 this was the final, loyal group who stayed till the bitter end (12:20 am). As we left the stadium we were greeted by the beautiful downtown LA skyline.

May 21, 2008

Matthew's 1st Band Concert

Matthew in his first shirt and tie and ready for his first concert. He had a cheering squad of 3 (David was at work and Jennifer had her own concert) - yes, Doug did the eye thing on purpose!
Matthew and his trumpet ready for the 4th/5th grade concert.
The orchestra performed first and our friend, Micaela, had a solo!
The beginning band - Matthew is in the 2nd row.
Here are 2 very short videos from tonights performance - 1) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and 2) Hey, Ho!
Time to take a bow and one final picture of the 2 star musicians.
On a completely unrelated subject...this is a text that Doug received from David a few days ago. David had just realized that his work clothes were still dirty from the day before and wanted to know if 5 hours was enough time to wash a pair of pants, shirt and apron! = - )

American Idol Performance Finale

It's American Idol finale time and Jennifer and I went downtown to see if we could get into the finale performance show at the Nokia.
Guess what...we scored free tickets again (we did last year, too)! A woman just came up to us and asked if we needed tickets! = - )
So we saw the whole show and took an illegal picture at the end of it (we were in the nose bleed section...but hey, the tickets were free!)
Jennifer saw Chris from last years season in the "waiting to pick up cell phones and cameras" line and took a picture with him. Then it was time to head outside for the red carpet experience.
Some extra red carpet and a pic of us on the carpet.
Lots of media and fans at the red carpet gathering.
Some of the pics we took...

That's it for the top 10 and a few extras - sadly, the 2 David's didn't come out.

But, David A's dad came out, signed some autographs and took a picture with Jennifer. = - )