September 28, 2008

Farewell Pastor Dave = - (

Our beloved Pastor Dave has been called to become a senior Pastor at a nearby church. We will miss him, but we are also happy that he is where God has called him.
Dave preached and we prayed for the family.
The new church staff came to celebrate with us and many gifts were given.
Dave was "knighted" by the men's ministry and there was time for sharing.
Yummy food = - ) and an empty office. = - (

September 27, 2008

The Royal Ball

David tried out for the Rose Court and received this invitation to the Royal Ball.
This is David's group of friends that went to the Royal Ball together.
Angelica and Jennifer have to wait till next year to try out, but they were able to go to the Ball because they have 2 senior friends who invited them to come along.
All 3 Hubbard kids had a great time!

September 24, 2008

David Tried Out for the Rose Court!

David was one of the few boys who tried out for the Rose Court this week. We didn't even know that boys sometimes tried out - now we do. The judges treat the guys just like the girls and David even came home with a professional picture and a ticket to the Royal Ball! = - ) We're so proud! Now we have to convince our daughters to tryout next year. Stay tuned...

September 23, 2008

Back to School Night

It was "back-to-school night" at the high school and the band played their new music from the half-time show.
It's a great way to begin the night.
Angelica with her alto sax, Jennifer is somewhere in that line of tenor saxes and David was at work.
It was picture day a few days ago - this is the top 6 rows and the tenor sax section.
This is the finished product from last year - 13 rows! The top 6 rows of tall people was the first picture taken (see above) and then the bottom 7 rows plus color guard were taken separately - then....the 2 pictures are joined together to form one band picture. With almost 400 members it would be impossible to take 1 picture of the whole band.

September 20, 2008

The Sound of Music Sing-A-Long

Our Bible Study group went to the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl.
A lot of people wear costumes to this event and our group costume was a bandage like Gretl had a the end of the movie (Fredrich bit her finger).
Here we are with a priest and a nun. We sat in the cheap seats way at the back and our tickets were only $9.
The bowl is right in the middle of the Hollywood Hills. Some more costumed movie goers.
The pre-show is fun because Liesil was there (woman on the left in the first picture) and the costumes are always fun! First pic is "16 going on 17" and second one is the "do re mi" notes and they won 1st prize - a cruise to Mexico!
There were a lot of nuns in the audience (women and men nuns). Each attendee received a bag of Sound of Music props and the popper was popped when the Captain and Maria finally kiss near the end of the movie.
At 7:30 it was finally dark and the movie began. The sing-a-long is a VERY interactive event and at the beginning of the movie everyone is looking for Maria - when we begin to see her on the mountain everyone claps and cheers and says, "There she is - Maria!" Fun!
During the beginning of the movie and during the intermission we all enjoyed our potluck and showed off our "costumes."
One group shot during the intermission.

Time to get married! The first time we attended the sing-a-long about 5 years ago our 3 older kids were surprised to see the wedding (they always fast forwarded through the wedding scenes because they were too slow so they never knew that the married!)

My favorite part of the movie is when the Captain sings Edelweiss and and everyone waves their cell phones in the air during the song - 5 years ago we didn't do this. Take a look at my short video clip.

Awe...too soon the end came and it was time to join the sea of people and head for the exit.

So nice to just jump on the Park & Ride and not have to deal with stacked parking! = - ) It was another great evening under the stars and The Sound of Music is definitely my favorite movie!