October 31, 2008

David is Facebook and a few memories from Halloween 1994

David is Facebook for halloween this year! I also decided to go back in time to 1994.

David was almost 4, Angelica was 3, Jennifer was almost 2 and we had our foster daughter, Adrion, who turned 2 that day!

They were so cute and loved being dalmatians!

They even won a costume contest and a 5 pound bag of candy.

October 29, 2008

50 Years in Ministry!

Doug and I attended a special "50th year in ministry" celebration a few days ago.

It was a fun celebration for a wonderful couple.

Of course there were celebrities - not sure about names but they are in "Criminal Minds" and "The Game."

Lots of presentations and speakers.

Then the special couple shared - a fun evening of celebration! = - )

October 27, 2008

An Abundance of Guava

See that little tree between the tall palm trees? The next picture is a closer view - it's a guava tree in our backyard. Last year it didn't produce a thing - this year we have a bumper crop of guavas.

The 1st pic shows the green guavas still on the tree that need to ripen and the 2nd pic shows the ripe guavas that I just picked.

Look at all those lovely guavas - that's just one morning of picking! I made chicken with a guava sauce and a fruit salad with lots of guava for dinner tonight. I also plan to bring guava to church tomorrow and see if anyone wants any. Plus....guava smells SO good - the whole house smells tropical! = - )

1st Place at Mt. Carmel!

Here is the 1st place performance video that I took on Saturday night. We are so proud that all 3 of our teenagers are in the Arcadia band - such an awesome experience and they have an amazing band director! = - )
Before the competition - waiting to come on to the field and here they come!! I love hearing all the oohs and ahhs as they enter the field - Arcadia is double or triple the size of most bands!
Dedicated cheering squad and the band ready for competition.
The awards presentation ceremony - we received 1st place in marching band, parade band and drum major categories.

After the ceremony the band leaders present the trophies to the rest of the band and then everyone gathers together to celebrate!

October 25, 2008

Costume Night at the Football Game

Last night was costume night at the football game. It's the only time they march when we are actually able to find our kids on the field.

That's David as a tea bag at the top of the 1st pic and Jennifer in as an orange M&M in the middle of the 2nd pic.

Angelica is blue as a Dodger fan and with her good friend from church, Michelle.

A closer look at some of the costumes.
Percussion and pep band costumes.
Pep band and the alma mater.

Sadly, the game was a total wipe out. = - ( But, here is the youtube video of tonights performance - make sure to look for a tea bag, dodger fan and an orange m&m (I zoomed in on them and got some pretty good shots!)

October 22, 2008

Rose Queen 2009!

No, David didn't make it (as you see, he did try out!) Anyway, Arcadia has another queen for the Rose Parade - Courtney Lee! And one of the princesses, Lauren on the end at the right, is also from Arcadia!

This picture was taken at the Tournament House on announcement day.

Up On The Rooftop

Matthew has discovered a whole new playground at our house - the roof!
The shadows are best in the afternoon!
He thinks he's king of the neighborhood! = - )