January 17, 2009

We're Going to the Inauguration!

Doug and Kathy are going to the inauguration today! We will be in that sea of people you see in the pictures above and we will be COLD!
We will also be a part of a history making event and we are EXCITED! Look for us on TV (ha, ha!)
The Arcadia Marching Band marched in the Inaugural Parade 4 years ago (our kids were still in middle school so they missed it) - too band they didn't march at this Inaugural. = - ( We hope to be able to see a little of the parade this year, but it doesn't sound hopeful because once the parade route is full security won't allow anymore people into the secure area. We are choosing to see the actual inauguration over the parade. Stay tuned for pictures when we return home on Wednesday, January 21st.