January 14, 2009

Thank God It's Only A Broken Mailbox!

Last night, David came home from a school play and witnessed our mailbox and the neighbors tree get plowed into by a Mercedes Benz. We called the police to report the hit and run and David filled out an incident report.

That's our broken mailbox and our neighbors grapefruit tree.

The story is even more amazing because David had just pulled into the spot next to our mailbox and in front of the fruit tree. He was going to park there until Doug came home so that he could later park his car in the last driveway spot. Well, he didn't end up parking there because 2 houses down the street there was a pile of "give-a-way trash" that the neighbors put in the street and David decided to drive down the street to take a look at it. So, he did and then he parked on the other side of the street and less than a minute later the hit and run car slammed into our mailbox and the tree - RIGHT WHERE DAVID HAD BEEN PARKED ONE MINUTE BEFORE!

This is what the accident scene looked like in the morning.

The "trash give-a-way" stuff is up the street a little ways and then a close up of the pile. This is what God used to get David to move the car to the other side of the street. = - )