January 18, 2009

Inauguration Concert at the Lincoln Memorial

When we arrived on the Mall we immediately heard helicopters and looked up to see Marine One getting ready to land at the White House!
The Bush family is inside the helicopter returning from Camp David.
This was their last flight back to the White House.
Then it was on to the Lincoln Memorial to enjoy the concert!
It was crazy full!
People even sat on the porta potties to have a better view (the police eventually came to make them get down, but they were up there for at least an hour before they came).
This was our spot along the walk way next to the frozen Reflecting Pool (see the X that the tree limbs create above the person with a pink hat? - that's how far back we were, but thanks to a great zoom lens I was able to get some pretty good pics).
See what I mean? The first pic shows the Bidens and Obamas walking to their seating area and the second pic shows Tom Hanks.

President elect, Barak Obama!

Bono and a crowd shot on the jumbo tron.

The finale and another crowd shot.
The concert is over - it was AWESOME!
The birds were very excited to see what treats they could find!
The frozen Reflecting Pool and some birds on the frozen Reflecting Pool.
We were treated to a beautiful sunset as we made our way back to the Washington Monument area.
The next day we saw these headlines at the Newseaum.