January 17, 2009

DC Here We Come!

Off we go! We have arrived at LAX (driving through the tunnel that goes under the runway).
LAX light things and our safety video before the flight - it was so much better than watching the actual flight attendants demonstrate all the safety stuff. = - )
Each seat had their own media player on Virgin America and we loved being able to watch all the Inauguration pre-show coverage on CNN. Welcome to NYC - we flew into NY because it was much cheaper than DC!
It was snowing when we arrived in NYC after our red eye flight. We took a taxi to Chinatown where we boarded our $20 per person bus to DC.
Getting ready to board the bus and on the bus as we wait for rescue (yes, rescue.... our $20 per person bus broke down just after we went through the Holland Tunnel). = - (
We ended up stranded on top of an overpass on the NJ turnpike - thankfully we had Doug's phone with facebook connection and internet. = - )
We both updated our facebook status and waited for the police to rescue us (our driver didn't speak english and didn't let us know what was going on at all)
Two hours later we had our replacement bus and were finally able to get off of our broken down bus and get on the new bus. Yay!
We're all on our way to DC and want to get to the Inauguration Concert at the Lincoln Memorial. We'll be later than we wanted to be, but at least we will all get there in time for the concert!