December 27, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday David - part 2

Our baby David is now 18 years old - he was our belated Christmas present (10 days late and 10 lbs 7 ounces at birth) way back on Dec 27 1990. So sweet and so big he almost didn't fit in the stocking. = - )

Now he plans his own parties - we just provide the house and the food.

And the cakes - homemade oreo cookie ice cream cake, of course.

The 18 is made of crushed oreos.

He blew out all the candles in one try - that's thanks to all that baritone horn playing! = - )

Here comes the cake - it was very popular and very good.

The "8" is almost gone and a pic with Dad and Mom.

Time to open presents.

A serious game of Scattergories.

While we were in our nice, warm, loud house some friends decided to TP the house to wish David a happy 18th.
He can clean it up in the morning. = - )