December 29, 2008

Gator Bowl Here They Come!

Our 3 teenagers are off on the most exciting adventure of their high school years - a band trip to Florida for the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day and then marching in a Disney World parade!

They will march in the Gator Bowl parade and then at the half-time show.

I dropped them off at the bandroom this morning at 2:45 am where they picked up their new Florida shirts and checked in.
All 3 are on the same flight (there are 5 planes all together) and they have a stop over in Nashville on the way there and in San Antonio on the way back.
Angelica and Jennifer will be rooming with Taylor and Kelly for the week and then hanging out with friends and having fun all week!
That's a LOT of luggage (and that's not all of it) - there are over 400 going on the trip!
Time to get on the buses and travel to LAX!
Have fun at the Gator Bowl and at the New Year's party!

Have fun marching in 2 parades: 1) Gator Bowl 2) Magical Moments parade at Disney World.

It will be a very FUN trip! We will miss you, but you probably won't miss us. = - )