November 23, 2008

Christmas Tree Lighting in Hollywood

We went to the Christmas Tree Lighting celebration at the Grove tonight.
We had to arrive early to get a good spot - the 3 of us were right next to the stage and stayed there for 3 hours to claim our spot. The other 4 were farther back and didn't even stay for the celebration - they were tired of standing so they left before it even began!
Natalie Cole sang and dancers danced.
Varsity Fan Club performed, Jon Lovitz hosted and "Dancing with the Stars" people danced.
A Gospel choir sang and the director played the sax - awesome!
"Band from TV" was there (lots of Heroes celebs are in the band) and 2 of them were looking at someone flying through the sky...
It was Santa!
The band played, the snow (fake, of course) fell, fireworks lit up the sky and the tree was lit (you can see the top of it behind the moose and gift box in the 2nd pic).
It was so crazy crowded at the end that I forgot to take a picture of the Christmas tree - oh well...
Time for some autographs from Varsity Fanclub and we were outa there!