October 10, 2008

Homecoming Game 2008

Tonight was our homecoming game. The band began the evening as part of the pre-game parade.
There's David, couldn't find Jennifer and Angelica isn't there (she's in Fresno at a State Cross Country meet this weekend).
Cheerleading and football!
Our good friends, Rod and Shawn, joined us for the game. They used to live in the LA area, but now they live in Indiana.
Here is video of the performance (if you go to my youtube page you can watch the video in "high quality"). Just double click the video and it should take you there. Enjoy!
The band marched and then it was time to begin the Homecoming activities.
Kyle and Tawney were crowned King and Queen - Kyle is the drum major for the band!
King Kyle and Queen Tawney and a victory lap around the stadium.
Some fireworks to celebrate the evening and then back to the game.
The band takes a break during the 3rd quarter and we enjoy some hot chocolate.
A game isn't complete without hot chocolate.
We won 22-6 and then one last picture of Jennifer at the bandroom.