October 12, 2008

Homecoming Dance and Prank!

Here are the homecoming pics - David and his date, Shivani, and friends at the high school for the professional pics before the big event.
After pictures all 35 friends came over to our house for the pre-homecoming dinner.
The kids set up 5 tables and decorated them with candles.
Then the PARTY BUS arrived - that thing was HUGE! It had to be because they had 35 total in the group.
The traditional guy and girl pics.
A couple pic and time to leave - homecoming was in Long Beach this year.

Inside the party bus and a group shot of the guys who didn't go to homecoming and decided to prank David. They are surrounded by David's bedroom on our basketball court!
This is the empty bedroom David came home to after homecoming - what a homecoming!?
This is where he found his stuff - in our backyard!
Chuck even made it to the backboard! David was kinda in shock about the whole prank and we didn't reveal a thing (they did eventually figure it all out).
Thankfully we asked all the friends to help move everything back in (the room is still a mess, but at least it isn't in the backyard!)
Here is the video of the "prank discovery." Enjoy!