March 12, 2008

Civitan Track and Field Meet

Today was the annual "Civitan Track and Field Meet." Matthew and his friend Aaron competed in several events and came home with 3rd place finishes.
Matthew ran the 400 meter.
The girl 1997 runner was SUPER fast and beat all the 1997 boys (Matthew wasn't too thrilled to be beaten by a girl).
Aaron ran the 200 meter race.
The 2001 girl didn't beat the boys this time.
This was Aaron's first race and he did great! (I also figured out the sports setting on my camera - yea!)

Matthew then competed in the long jump on the other side of the field - he's getting ready to jump...

and there is the final jump and his 2 ribbons. It was a fun afternoon - now we have 2 track stars in the family! = - )