December 14, 2007

Long Overdue December Post

We started the Christmas season on Hollywood Blvd. at the "Hollywood Santa Parade." Just the Hubbard women went because the guys didn't think it was worth the time. We had fun.
We saw the traditional celebrities, but the most exciting one was "Cesar Millan" from the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel (no picture because my camera battery died).
A couple of days later and Matthew lost another tooth - it twisted totally around and was hanging by a "thread" just before he finally pulled it out.
We decorated for Christmas right after Thanksgiving and it was wonderful to have all the extra space that our new house gives us.
Toby likes to hang out under the Christmas tree and again we decorated our favorite souvenir from our Alaska trip back in 2005 - "Woody."
We now have a REAL mantle and we can truly hang our stockings above the fireplace. Here are some pictures of our favorite ornaments...our wedding year 20 years ago...

Matthew and Jennifer with their baby ornaments from 1997 and 1992.

Angelica and David with their baby ornaments back in 1991 and 1990 (Mommy and Daddy look VERY tired with baby David - he was 1 day old and he weighed 10.7 lbs!)

The angel that Jennifer created a long time ago.

The front of our new house and my Sunday School class at our Christmas party.