December 21, 2007

Angels Aware Christmas Musical

Last Sunday we had our annual Christmas musical. Here is a picture of my little preschoolers coming down the stairs with their "favorite doll/stuffed animal" - we are on our way to sing "Away in the Manger" in the Christmas Musical - SO CUTE! Matthew is also "so cute" as the angel Harold - he had his first speaking part and did great!
It was a MAJOR production with lots of prep work, but the final result was amazing and everyone said it was the BEST musical we've ever done!
More scenes from the musical - this song was about the 10 commandments - "The Perfect 10."
Matthew took his part very seriously (all the kids did) and did an awesome job.
My little preschoolers sang "Away in the Manger" with the Toddler and Pre-K classes - they rocked their "babies", looked adorable and no one cried! = - )