June 23, 2007

Vacation Update #2 - Chappell, Nebraska

When we left Denver this afternoon we left one lonely, rejected flower chair on the side of the road in hopes that someone will pick it up and use it. No one wanted to buy it at the yard sale, but hopefully someone will take it for free!
We drove north east for 3 hours and now we're in Chappell, Nebraska (pronounced Chapel) visiting Dougs' college friend, Jurdan and family.
One house in town is even decorated for the 4th of July!
This is the main street in town - we were treated to a walking tour of the whole town.
Matthew had fun playing with the monkey puppet.
Here is a picture of Jurdan, Cathy and Sarah in their church (Jurdan is the pastor) and this little note was in Sarah's babybook next to a picture of David. * see below
David at 10 days old and Sarah at 10 months old - how cute! = - )