June 22, 2007

Vacation Update #1 - Denver, Colorado

We're on the road again and we had to have our last Boba Milk Tea before we left.
104 degrees in Baker, our favorite street sign in the middle of the desert and beautiful scenery.
A tire fire in Las Vegas provided a little excitement.
At the hotel in Mesquite, NV we watched "So You Think You Can Dance" - it was the show that Angelica and Jennifer went to last week and you can see them in the audience.
There is still snow on the mountains in Colorado.
We celebrated another birthday dinner for Angelica at Elephant Bar with Grandpa and Grandma Hubbard.
Today we had the first installment of Grandpa and Grandma's yard sale and tomorrow we try to sell all the stuff that didn't sell today.
It was also a time to go down memory lane - here Doug and Arlene show the Denver Post edition the day that Kennedy was shot.