June 12, 2009

Happy Graduation Day, David!

Our 2 graduating sons - David 12th grade on his way to college and Matthew 5th grade and on his way to middle school. Tickets were required for the high school graduation.
Graduation was held at Santa Anita Park!
Program and David's name.
Here he comes! One of almost 1000!
That's A LOT of kids - the white lei really helped us see David (it smelled great too!)
Huge crowds too!
At the end it was time to take pics with the graduates and the crowds were crazy! David's youth pastors and advisors came to cheer him on and celebrate with us.
A family pic and the 2 brothers (Matthew is sad because he is going to miss David when he leaves for college).
Time to leave the crowds and go upstairs for dinner at the race track restaurant.
More family pics!
A MacBook was the gift we gave David.
After dinner it was time for the Grad Night party.
Boba and friends.
Doug was the pastor at the wedding chapel!
Kathy worked at adult check in - our shifts were 1-5am. Such dedicated parents. = - )