January 21, 2009

Heading Home Via NYC!

We left Maryland bright and early the day after the Inauguration and headed back to New York City.
This time the bus ride was very uneventful and since it was filled with very tired inauguration people...everyone slept the whole 4 hours to NYC. It let us off at Penn Station and we happily ordered some NY pizza (it wasn't that good though).
We then had to find somewhere to store our one suitcase because Penn Station doesn't have lockers anymore. We found out about a place and walked (very quickly) about a mile to stick our suitcase in a room so we could go to the top of the Empire State Building.
We only had about an hour, but we rushed back to the Penn Station area to the Empire State building and thankfully there wasn't a line (not like the summer visits that we usually make).
It was a clear, crisp, COLD day on top and I thought this sign was pretty funny.
The best thing we saw on top were these pigeons. It was crazy...why did these birds fly up 86 stories to sit on top of the Empire State building in negative 2 degree windy weather and eat snow?! Yes, it was negative 2 when we were up there and they were eating snow! Crazy!
This was the clearest it has ever been when we've been up there - we LOVE New York City!
It was SOOOOOO COLD up there - the plastic on our coats and my bag was frozen!
Some scenes from the observation deck.
The statue of Liberty and a poster from the store that the elevator lets you out into on the 80th floor (I think it was the 80th floor). We were in such a hurry to get back to our luggage we didn't stop to look. We rushed a mile over to the storage area, picked up our suitcase, rushed a mile back to Penn Station, boarded the train to JFK and then relaxed at the airport till it was time to head back to Los Angeles - we felt like we were on the Amazing Race! Fun! = - )
Our terminal at JFK and the Mah Jong game that I finally won during the last 15 minutes of our flight.
Happy to be back in Los Angeles and happy to have David and Kenny pick us up after Doug lost the car key. = - (