January 01, 2009

Gator Bowl 2009

This is where the 3 Hubbard teenagers spent New Year's 2009 - in Jacksonville, Florida at the Gator Bowl.

This is a picture of the stadium during game day - the Arcadia band is in there somewhere after just marching in the pre-game show (they won the field show competition the day before and were awarded this honor). Sadly, I haven't found a video of this performance, but hopefully it will be added to YouTube soon and then I will add it to this post.

It was a cool day in Florida which was perfect for marching and playing football.

All the bands that traveled to Florida for the Gator Bowl (about 2000 musicians in all) performed a field show together during the half-time celebration, but guess what??? they didn't show anything on TV! = - ( Just a few talking football guys were on TV the whole time the bands were performing and they didn't show anything (except you can see some of the band members and color guard on the field if you look between the guys). That's it for now, but hopefully I will be able to find pics and video and add them later.