December 13, 2008

Tenor Sax Christmas Party

Any good party includes foozeball and computer time.

More computer time and some candles (I found this pinecone candle at the thrift store for $1).
A party isn't complete without food and potlucks are the best!
Time to eat! For some reason they split up into a guys table and a girls table.
Of course a good party includes the wii! Poor Toby couldn't take all the noise and looked for a quiet bedroom where he could get some peace and quiet.
Any good Christmas party must include a white elephant gift exchange.

Some very interesting gifts!

Matthew took a good picture of us (this is the first pic of Doug with his bifocals).

A group shot of all the party goers and time for dessert!

How do you like the cakes? They are the same cake! The first cake came from the Child SHARE party (remember Matthew won it earlier in the day) and then we ate all the strawberries off it and brought it home. I refrosted the cake (same frosting...just filled in the strawberry holes) and added candy canes to the side and crushed canes on top. I think it turned out pretty good... if I must say so myself! = - )