December 10, 2008

Our Bible Study Christmas Party

The tables are decorated - 3 fancy candles that I found at a thrift store for $2 total and our advent wreath that we made at church about 8 years ago (only 2 candles lit because it's only the 2nd week of advent).

Time to enjoy the potluck selection of yummy foods. Good thing we have a galley style kitchen. = - )

Tables 1 and 2 with Willy acting silly at table #2.

Table #3 with 4 well-behaved ladies and our table of white elephant gifts waiting for the game to begin!

Everyone on this side of the room dressed in black - it's supposed to be a Christmas party...not a funeral!

Rebecca did her best to pick the right present.

Angelica was happy with the journal she picked and David ended up choosing a Dr. Phil CD set!

Matthew hoped he had a good gift and it old Star Wars collectors video edition!

A group picture at the end of the night - Jennifer was distracted with the 20 Questions game that she was playing while she took the picture and that's why it's blurry! Oh was a FUN evening anyway! = - )