December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Fun!

We drove up Colorado Blvd. on new year's eve night to see all the crowds of people spending the night out there to wait for the Rose Parade on New Year's day. Looks like a cross country or track team used it as a practice time (if Angelica weren't in Florida she'd probably be out there running, too).

I was hit by some silly string! = - ) Matthew just played with a straw in the back seat all by himself because his siblings are still in Florida and at a special New Year's Eve party at the convention center in Jacksonville.

Empty bleachers waiting for the crowds.

Doug did the driving and we saw some of the floats being towed over to the parade staging area (that's the Alaska float).

At home, the 3 of us celebrated with the east coast and went to bed early so we could wake up at 3:30 am to claim some good seats along the Rose Parade route without having to sleep on the sidewalk. Happy New Year 2009! = - )