December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Christmas morning dawned cold and wet - a perfect day to stay inside by the fire, open presents and enjoy family togetherness.

Time to open stockings and gifts.

A family picture on Christmas morning with Toby and Tigger.

Our entry way with all the cards, letters and pictures from family and friends - we love opening the mailbox each day and hearing all the news from afar.

Rockband 2 is a HUGE hit!
Phillip and Bobbi came over later in the day and joined in on the Rockband fun and I even scored a 99% on the drums (easy level, of course).

Time to check email, facebook and look at funny youtube videos. Later we opened presents from and to Phillip and Bobbi.

More gift opening and a table set for the Christmas dinner buffet.

Our planned dinner was Korean BBQ and we didn't let a little rain stop us - Doug bbq'ed in the garage (both doors were open and we used a fan to blow out the smoke - worked fine).

Time for dinner and visit from Santa John (my dad was going to shave before Christmas dinner and I asked him to keep the beard long enough for a Santa pic on Christmas day).

Time for scattergories.

Bobbi and Phillip won both games! It was a wonderful Christmas day! = - )