December 24, 2008

LA Holiday Celebration

Another fun tradition...the LA Country Holiday Celebration at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.

Angelica helped Jennifer update her new cell phone while they were waiting in line and we listened to the outdoor entertainment.

Pretty tree and an ornament self-portrait.

More entertainment while the 4 of us waited in line (David was working and Matthew stayed at home with Grandma and Grandpa).

See the pretty clouds that the chinese dancers are dancing in?? well, the pretty clouds came down to where we were sitting and scared the kids, made the 1st few rows choke (that was us) and turned out to be pretty funny. = - )

It finally stopped when they realized their mistake and turned off the machines. The rest of the show was fogless.

Our hosts were different chefs from all over Los Angeles - these 2 guys were so funny! = - )

Adorable kids and great choirs.

The celebration always ends with "Silent Night." The crowd pic was taken when we arrived home to look at the tape - it shows us jingling our keys to a Christmas song during the celebration.

There we are again and one final shot in the lobby just before we left.

Outside at the fountain and in front of the Christmas tree.

When we arrived home we made sure to drive by Carmine's to see poor David at work. He was at the end of his shift and setting the tables for the next work day. He was happy to work and not have to sit through 6 hours of performances at the Holiday Celebration. = - )