November 01, 2008

A Hollywood Halloween

Half the Hubbard family went to Toluca Lake to trick or treat this year.

Jennifer (high school musical fan) met up with her Hollywood friends and we went trick or treating as parents. = - )

This neighborhood is in the Hollywood hills just above Universal Studios and a lot of celebrities live there. Steve Carell lives in the neighborhood and went trick or treating with his kids - actually, that's him on the other side of Doug in the 1st pic and then in the green jacket at the gate.

The president from Cory in the House was also trick or treating with his kids and didn't mind taking a pic with a true Disney fan! Speaking of Disney, Jennifer met Ashley Tisdale's parents and they let her hold Ashley's doggies. They live in the neighborhood, too.

This is Bob Hope's driveway and they gave out decks of concentration cards.

Jennie Garth from 90210 (and Dancing with the Stars) had a very popular house and George Lopez had this skeleton campaigning for Obama.
There were a lot of political costumes and themed yards - this one is at the house of the creator of Desperate Housewives (even Joe the Plumber showed up).
Even Sarah Palin showed up to do some campaigning! (Doug said he wasn't going to vote for her and she said she wasn't either). = - )
Miley and the Jonas Brothers live close to each other (that's Miley's gate), but the Jonas Brothers moved away from their first LA house just recently.
This is Steve Carell's house - he ran out of candy and had to post this sign.

Rick Dee's had a very popular house - this is the candy table at his place - can you believe that!

The adult and kid groups take group pics before heading home - we trick or treated for 4 hours straight and we could have kept going!

This was Jennifer's haul for the evening - no small candies in Tuluca Lake. Happy Halloween .... until next year!

On the way home we stopped by the party that Angelica was at to pick her up. We found everyone in the jacquzzi with their clothes on (everyone had either fallen or been pushed into the pool). Poor Angelica was freezing so her clothes were dried in the dyer and she was all dry by the time we arrived.

Matthew and David went to the youth group party at church and had a blast!

By the time we all arrived home at 11:30pm the ICF party was beginning to wind down - it was a very fun evening for all.