November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Birthday 2008!

The table all set and ready for our family dinner of 15. A group picture of everyone gathered before the meal.

Time for "thanksgiving thank you's" around the table before dinner.

Dinner time!

A dinner plate and 2 sweet potato pies with a carrot cake birthday cake waiting for their big debut later in the evening.

Time to open presents - Jennifer enjoyed her scratch and sniff AMC gift card from David and Angelica (smelled like popcorn).

Two fun games that Jennifer received for ther 16th birthday on Turkey Day.

This is the Scattergories winning team and their winning score sheet - we are the "middle aged" team.

The senior citizen and teenage Scattergories teams.

The young adult Scattergories team and Matthew played on his own "lego building" team.

Time to move on to the Disney Channel Scene It game - we again had a senior citizen team with Doug added as the resident "disney channel expert." And the middle aged team with David and Angelica to help us.

Jennifer is the true expert with Matthew coming in a close second - they played for the young adult team. After most of the food had digested we were ready for the birthday cake - homemade carrot cake - yum!

Jennifer thinks about her wish and is then ready to blow out the candles.
A funny "close your eyes and smile" picture and then the real one (not sure we're going to use this one though - Doug's face is a little messed up, Angelica has a fake smile and David looks sleepy - we'll see....)
Time for the first guests to leave - they all have long drives home! It was a fun thanksgiving/birthday day! = - )