November 14, 2008

Final Home Football Game of the Year

Pre-game parade at the final home game of the year (this is the same parade march they will perform at the Gator Bowl parade on New Year's Day in Jacksonville, Florida!)

Our birthday boy with his friends and Grandpa and Grandma watching the football game.

Angelica's birth parents and bio brother also came to the game to see Angelica march. That's the band, at attention, in their reserved seating area. This is just before they sat down to enjoy the game and listen to the pep band.

Time for their half-time performance.

Angelica with her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Steimle, and her birth family.

Finally, a picture of all 3 together with their uniforms on and with Mom and Dad! = - )

A pic with Grandpa and Grandma and the alma mater.

Sadly, Arcadia lost. = - (