October 18, 2008

You Win Some, You Lose Some

We went to the 1st band competition of the year tonight. Most of the bands were a little over 100 members.

That's Arcadia (389 members) waiting to go on the field and ready for competition.
Here is the video I recorded (they still haven't learned the ending so their performance ends without any pizzazz). This 1st performance wasn't the best, but they did great considering how difficult the show is this year.
Marching off the field after their performance and Matthew showing off his new glasses.
Our band leaders arriving for the award presentations. In our division (AAAA) there were 5 bands and we came in 5th place. = - ( Sad, but it was deserved and an important learning experience. Now it's time to get ready for Mt. Carmel (competition next Saturday).