September 06, 2008

First Field Show Performance of the Season

First football game of the season - Yay!
Go Apaches!
Warm up before the half-time show.
Here is a short video of the performance - their show is called Hemispheres. This is only the first part of the field show (they still have to learn the rest). They also march in their music club t-shirt and jeans for the first football game. Uniforms and full show come later...
At the end of the game the band comes forward to play the "Alma Mater."

I couldn't find Angelica - it's always easy to spot David and Jennifer with their blonde hair, but Angelica gets lost in a sea of black hair. = - )

It was a great night for a football game and even better because we won!
I finally found Angelica as the band was leaving the stadium. = - )