September 14, 2008

Bobbi's Bridal Shower

Bobbi's shower was held at Mariposa in Newport Beach in Neiman Marcus.
The shower was on the 3rd floor outdoor patio.
Bobbi with her special bridal shower crown and my place setting.
The special one-of-a-kind menu.
L-R: future mother-in-law (my mom), Bobbi's mom and Bobbi's grandmother. And a group picture of everyone.
Bridal shower games - I tied for 1st place on the first game (missed "clergyman" - hello, I'm married to one! I should have gotten that one). I came in 1st place on the 2nd game by missing only 4 answers.
One of the beautiful centerpieces (I won one of them!) and a fancy can of hot chocolate. = - )
Dessert - cute little cupcakes.
Time to open the gifts and read the cards.
Pictures with grandmother and mother.
Phillip's mom (my mom, too) and the Hubbard girls.
So many fun gifts and a lovely bouquet created from all the gift ribbons (it will be used at the rehearsal).
Bobbi with her future nieces and then it was time to head home. It was a beautiful shower for a wonderful young lady! = - )