June 23, 2008

Days 2-6 Grand Canyon

We're now at the Grand Canyon!
We're camping at Mather Campground.
We met up with George and Eileen who work at the Canyon. We also worked with them 22 years ago when we met. They loved the Grand Canyon so much that they came back a second time to work.
This is the bench where we met 22 years ago - the poor thing is falling apart. = - (
This is the Hopi House Gift Shop where Kathy worked 22 years ago - it was an awesome job!
We went to an ACMNP (A Christian Ministry in the National Parks) service - this is what we did in the Grand Canyon 22 years ago.

Sunset at Mather Point.
Time for dinner.

We invented "campground cookies" a few years ago in Alaska and they were just as good this time around - a little soggy, but still delicious.
We wanted to truly experience the Grand Canyon so we hiked to Cedar Ridge (not too difficult and an amazing hike).
28o million year old reptile tracks.

We made it!
On the way up we met the mules going back up, too.
It was a long way up, but thankfully we had shade to rest in along the way.
It was an amazing hike in an amazing canyon!