June 14, 2008

Beach Trip 2008

We celebrated the beginning of summer with our annual beach trip the day after school ends with David and his friends.
Every year David organizes this trip and it has become a fun end of school tradition.

A group shot is a must for the friends and our family.

The girls did the "jump" picture much better than the guys.

We're not sure what this factory thing is, but it's right near the beach and we had fun with the steam.

Doug cooked the burgers and hot dogs and then we used our free wood (thanks to a local construction site) to build our traditional bonfire.

One last group shot and a couple shot.

We LOVE the west coast sunsets!

Time for smores.

This year Matthew joined in on the tradition of burning the homework from the past year. He brought his very well worn purple folder that he received at the beginning of the school year and happily burned it along with some of his school work.

The rest of the crew burned their homework and then we sat around the fire and shared favorite memories from the past year and funny stories. It was a great day! = - )