May 24, 2008

Dodger Game - Rain and Fireworks

Doug organized an ABCLA night at Dodger Stadium and we had 425 buy tickets. It was a sold out game and unseasonably wet and cold. (our 3 teenagers were on their way to the mountains for a church youth retreat).
See the cloudy skies? The first 8 innings were cold and dry and then the clouds opened up.
Our seats were protected from most of the rain, but the field had to be covered and the game delayed.
Some devoted Dodger fans stayed in their very wet seats, but most moved up to our area or left early.
Matthew obviously enjoyed the rain, thankfully they were able to finish the game (Dodgers lost 2-1) and the fireworks were still a go!
The fireworks were awesome!
Out of 425 this was the final, loyal group who stayed till the bitter end (12:20 am). As we left the stadium we were greeted by the beautiful downtown LA skyline.