April 07, 2008

Our Cat Has Issues

Our cat seriously has issues! Tigger likes to climb up on our roof, but guess what...he can't get down. Each time he does this Matthew usually comes to his rescue sometime during the day because his meowing is so annoying.
Well, this time we decided to wait him out and make him figure out his own way down. Guess how long we lasted? Three days and nights! Tigger basically lived on our roof for 3 whole days with no water or food. = - (
During the middle of the 2nd night he started cat howling and we tried to get him down at 2:00 am (hope we didn't wake the neighbors).
David almost had him, but Tigger was afraid of the edge and fought back.
Finally Angelica and I rescued him. Angelica grabbed him on the top of his neck and held on for dear life until she was able to throw him off the roof! Tigger landed on his feet, walked away in a huff, turned around and started purring and then happily jumped in our arms for some love and attention. He also enjoyed his first meal of cat food and water. Thankfully, he hasn't gone back on the roof since.